Trading for DeSean Jackson Would Spell Disaster for New York Jets

By Luis Tirado Jr.
DeSean Jackson
Rob Carr/Staff (Getty Images)

The New York Jets are still in the market to acquire another top wide receiver to help their offensive woes. So far via free agency, they have acquired Eric Decker to immediately boost their wide receiver corps.

The latest in the NFL rumor mill is that the Philadelphia Eagles are open to trading DeSean Jackson. Should the Jets run to the phones now and inquire about how many draft picks and or players it’ll take to trade for Jackson?

No, they should actually unplug their phones.

It’s in their best interest to make sure they don’t entertain the idea of trading away precious draft picks to acquire a player who lacks a good character. Jackson has always been known to be a troublemaker when it comes to authority. Even though he’s a tremendous receiver, it’s not worth it to bring in a player who could potentially be a cancer in the locker room when things don’t go his way.

Jackson is known to always cause drama when he doesn’t believe in a play or strategy on the field. He won’t hesitate to fight in front of the media on game day or even in front of fans if he gets all worked up. He’s a veteran and will act like he runs the show, which would be a disaster to have to deal with as the season unfolds if he is on the Jets.

Keep in mind that the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft is deep with an amazing group of talented receivers to choose from. Why would the Jets want to waste top talent over a player who is known to have issues conforming to the benefit of team success over individual glory?

Let Jackson find another team to call home that is either willing to deal with his nonsense or mold him into being a more humble player. The Jets need to now focus on what offensive targets they can land come draft weekend.

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