2014 NFL Draft: Does Michael Sam Deserve to Be Drafted?

By Chris Ross
Michael Sam, Missouri
Getty Images

When you think of 2014 NFL Draft prospects who have been in the spotlight, the name Michael Sam inevitably comes up. Looking to become the NFL‘s first openly-gay player, Sam has been surrounded by a media firestorm all offseason long. Along with all of that publicity, Sam’s draft stock has been called into question on more than one occasion, and it now begs the question, does Sam deserve to be drafted?

The short answer? Of course Sam deserves to be drafted, but due to the media circus surrounding him, it’s very possible that he falls out of the draft, based on things outside of his control. That said, there is no question in my mind that Sam would be well worth a late-round flier.

Leading the SEC in sacks with 11.5, there’s no doubt Sam possesses skills as a situational pass-rusher, and when you throw in the fact that he seems to have outstanding character, and all of a sudden you begin to see why Sam is deserving of at least a late-rounder. The thing is, however, is that the circus surrounding him is going to make NFL teams weary, just ask Tim Tebow.

Overall, Sam is what he is. He’s a player, who while lacking elite athleticism, has enough talent to make a situational impact as a 4-3 defensive end. That said, it remains to be seen whether any team likes Sam enough as a prospect to also take on the press coverage that comes with a player like him. Yes, Michael Sam deserves to be drafted, but in a business as ruthless as the NFL, it remains to be seen whether Sam will get what he deserves.

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