Chicago Bears Rumors: Can Marc Trestman Make Mark Sanchez Into Quality Backup?

By Terrance Peacock
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Friday, the New York Jets conducted the ultimate switcheroo in releasing QB Mark Sanchez and signing free-agent veteran Michael Vick to compete for the starting QB job with second-year pro Geno Smith, leaving Sanchez without an NFL home.

Now for the first time in his career, Sanchez is left fighting for an NFL roster spot and it’s not likely Sanchez will find an opportunity to start anywhere, given he has the worst total QB rating in the NFL since 2009, his rookie season.

After starting his career off leading the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championship games, and being dubbed “The Sanchise” by Jets fans, Sanchez has lost his way. His struggles hit rock bottom after being involved in one of the most infamous plays in modern NFL history — the butt fumble.

It is clear that Sanchez will need plenty of guidance to turn his career around, and the Chicago Bears still need a quality backup QB after Josh McCown left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. To me, Sanchez and the Bears sound like a match made in heaven. Right now, there are no signs that the Bears are pursuing the former Jet in free agency, but they should be because of one man, and his name is Marc Trestman.

Sanchez has shown signs that he can be a very good QB in the NFL, and Trestman has shown signs that he can make any QB with any sort of talent productive. McCown was a journeyman backup QB before Trestman got his hands on him and afterward signed a multi-year contract with the Bucs to become their starting QB. Sanchez is seven years younger than McCown and through the years has shown that he has more talent.

With that being said, if Marc Trestman can make McCown into a quality backup, the same can be done for Sanchez. I don’t know if a Mark Sanchez to Chicago Bears deal will ever come to fruition, but I must say, the Bears would be stupid to not at least consider it.

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