New York Jets: Don't Expect A DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick Reunion

By Luis Tirado Jr.
DeSean Jackson
Jim McIsaac/Stringer – Getty Images

The New York Jets finally showed some initiative and took a step in the right direction when it comes to their quarterbacks. It all started with the release of Mark Sanchez and the signing of his replacement, Michael Vick. Similar to a bad breakup, it’s time for everyone to move on. The Jets have closed the chapter on Sanchez, and now he can start making a new page of his football career with another NFL team.

Vick agreed to a short-team deal with the Jets, which works out well for both sides. At a one-year bargain for a little more than $5 million, Vick will now provide an adequate option in case Geno Smith can’t handle the job. It does many things for the Jets, all of which are good. It’ll push Smith to play smarter and become better, while also giving Vick a great opportunity to become a starter again and make some noise in the AFC East.

Could the signing of Vick be a catalyst to bring in wide receiver DeSean Jackson?

Don’t count on it.

The asking price and amount of draft picks to acquire Jackson is too high even for the Jets. It wouldn’t make sense to trade away draft picks that the Jets absolutely need to stock up talent for Jackson. Besides, he’s known to have issues being told what to do by coaches, hence why the Philadelphia Eagles are open to trade him. That’s a big reason why the Eagles want no part of Jackson anymore, and would rather part ways for the right deal presented to them than deal with his nonsense.

Besides, Vick-to-Decker sounds a whole lot better.

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