Oakland Raiders: Matt Schaub Trade Just Made 2014 Very Interesting

By Carlton Chin
Matt Schaub
Thomas Campbell – USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 season just became a lot more interesting for the Oakland Raiders and their fans. The Raiders were able to acquire Matt Schaub from the Houston Texans for a sixth-round draft pick. Many originally thought that the Texans would simply release Schaub. However, the QB definitely remains an asset in the NFL, and the Texans were able to extract at least some value following Schaub’s decline in Houston.

I particularly like the Raiders’ move to acquire Schaub because research has shown that quarterbacks take time to develop in the NFL. With the No. 5 draft pick this year, the Raiders may have been in a position to draft a quality young quarterback, but the elite names are expected to be gone. In addition, besides a few outliers, many college quarterbacks take several years to develop into high-end offensive leaders — if they do at all.

Schaub is a proven quantity and the change in scenery should help Schaub regain the form that led to five years of 90-plus passer rating seasons with the Texans. During that time, Schaub also averaged about eight yards per attempt, a very solid statistic. The Raiders are now set in the important quarterback position.

Based on some bounce back, and the importance of the quarterback in today’s modern NFL offense and a “wins above average” analysis, it’s shown that the Raiders just improved at least two games based on the quarterback upgrade alone. This combined with upgrades on defense and other positions bode well for an improved season for the Raiders.

After a slow start to the free-agent season, the Raiders have now made significant improvements on both sides of the ball and are positioned to make focused improvements from the all-important 2014 NFL Draft coming up in May.

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