What Should the Kansas City Chiefs Do at Free Safety?

By Aaron Charles
Kansas City Chiefs
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have an uncertain situation at free safety. One thing we do know is that Kendrick Lewis will no longer be starting at the position. He signed with the Houston Texans on Friday. It’s no surprise that Lewis won’t be returning to Kansas City, as he was one of the weakest links the defense. How the team plans on approaching one of their biggest soft spots from last season is still a question.

The Chiefs could stay in-house. Husain Abdullah was re-signed, and he definitely deserves an opportunity to show what he can do. He did an incredible job in his limited opportunities in 2013, and was the only part of the secondary working in the Wild Card matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. Sanders Commings is another in-house option. The coaching staff likes his skill-set, but he has only played three snaps in the NFL.

Both Abdullah and Commings are definitely more upside plays than solid answers, but the Chiefs may not have the luxury of adding any more significant contributors to the position. The team has other needs, with very little cap space and no second-round pick in the draft. Kansas City has to fill in the gaps in the offensive line, and add a solid No. 2 receiver. There isn’t going to be a great answer to everyone of the Chiefs’ needs this offseason.

That’s just the way of professional sports. Every year teams get better in some areas and worse in some. Right now, it looks like the Chiefs’ best option is to roll the dice with what they have at free safety. The offensive line took the biggest hit in free agency, and should be the top priority right now.

Whether the next most important need is wideout or safety is debatable. The draft is loaded with talent at wide receiver, and the Chiefs have a much better chance of getting an immediate contributor there. The Chiefs could play this any number of ways, but right now it looks like playing the hand they have at free safety makes the most sense.

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