Contract Delays Hurting Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh’s Already Tainted Reputation

By Chris Loud
Getty Images

The Detroit LionsNdamukong Suh quickly became one of the most hated players in the NFL with questionable antics on the field and decidedly rough and cheap shots to opposing players. For Lions fans, he’s the opposite.

Suh remains a fan favorite because of his dominance, energy on the field and powerful hits on offensive players. However, if Suh continues to delay the contract extension process and asks for a ridiculous amount of money, Suh will lose the faith of the only fanbase that still supports him.

I understand that Suh probably got lost in Jay-Z’s empire state of mind, but choosing Jay-Z, then dumping him as an agent did not help the character study that is Suh’s reputation. Now just a few weeks in with his new agent, it’s looking like Suh and the Lions will continue to delay the process of signing a contract extension. This will significantly affect what happens to the Lions’ salary cap space and could adjust some of the moves that still could be made in the offseason. Not only is this delay making Suh look bad, but it’s detrimental to the team’s offseason success.

There are likely some issues that I don’t fully understand here, and it seems like the Lions are not acting like this is such a dire situation. But as far as Suh’s public persona is concerned, fans are only going to see this as being yet another notch in the belt of selfishness that Suh seems to be wearing. Hopefully this gets resolved quickly and Suh can get back to focusing on sacking the quarterback — preferably without stomping on anyone’s head.

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