Signing of FB Jed Collins Will Be Significant for Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

By Chris Loud
Detroit Lions
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When was the last time you saw a true fullback lineup for the Detroit Lions? Remember Corey Schlesinger and Tommy Vardell? There are several reasons why picking up a solid fullback like Jed Collins will significantly help the Lions’ offense, especially Matthew Stafford.

Collins came over to the Lions for obvious reasons. Joe Lombardi was his former coach with the New Orleans Saints, and he would be filling a gap in the offense all by himself, which in theory could lead to lots of playing time and significant numbers. What was unclear at first was why the Lions actually wanted Collins, or any fullback for that matter.

Fullbacks feel like a thing of the past. Like a position Mike Ditka would hold in high esteem if he was still coaching. Perhaps Bill Cowher is somewhere nodding his jutted chin in approval of the Lions’ new offensive weapon, before shamelessly plugging high-speed internet in a bad commercial. In actuality, it’s a great move, and Collins is just that – an offensive weapon.

Collins is a strong dude, as he should be at the fullback position. He’ll help with blocking for Reggie Bush or Joique Bell, and he should be able to pick up that blitzing safety or even linebacker on a pass play, which Stafford will appreciate. However, Collins can do a lot more than block.

Collins could be a huge weapon for Stafford in the passing game. In fact, most of his damage has come out of the backfield as a receiver. He has more passing yards than rushing yards, and more receiving touchdowns than rushing touchdowns.

The Lions, like most teams these days, pass on first down to pick up chunks of yards instead of relying on a running back. With Bush and Bell, the Lions will obviously be handing the ball off, but don’t be surprised to see a few quick passes underneath or in the flat to Collins on first and second down.

He’s actually kind of like a Danny Woodhead. He’s an offensive utility man. Collins could end up providing an amazing piece of the puzzle for the Lions’ offense. So don’t sleep on this pickup by the Lions; it was a great move and should be interesting to see how he’s utilized on the field this season.

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