Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Team Prefers Teddy Bridgewater Over Johnny Manziel

By Andrew Fisher
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With most teams done making free agency moves for now, focus is shifting back to the 2014 NFL Draft. For the first time ever, this year’s draft will take place in May. This means that there’ll be a lot more chatter than normal. With an extra couple weeks of buzz, who knows what kind of rumors we’ll hear?

The latest from the land of 10,000 lakes, is that the Minnesota Vikings do indeed have interest in taking a quarterback with the No. 8 overall pick. Even though he struggled during his pro day, Norv Turner is said to like Teddy Bridgewater. The rumor is that the Vikings would take him before they would draft Johnny Manziel, but that both could potentially be on the team’s big board.

As always this time of year, take everything you hear with a large grain of salt.

But if there is some merit to this rumor, is that the right call? Should the Vikings go with Bridgewater if he’s available?

It was a tough call before his pro day, and after, it’s even tougher. Sure, you can’t read too much into a throwing exhibition, because it’s nothing like a game on Sunday. But you do get an idea of where a guy is at in his development as a quarterback.

Just on the surface, it looks like Bridgewater would be a bit of a project. He could surely fair better than Geno Smith did in 2013, but I don’t know if he’s ready to come in and lead a team to the playoffs.

Let’s face it, that’s still the bar right now in Minnesota. With even average QB play, this team will compete for a Wild Card spot in 2014.

I almost think Manziel is more NFL ready. His ceiling may not be much higher, but if I had to plug a guy into a playoff-caliber team this season, I’d have to go with John Football.

The thing with the Vikings is that they don’t think short-term. That’s not how Rick Spielman likes to do his business. He’s all about guys that can develop and that fit the system. He’s not a GM who likes to go out and sign or draft players because of their name.

So if I was forced to pick (between the two) who I think the Vikings would go with today — I’d say Bridgewater. Whether he’ll be available at No. 8, is a entirely different story.


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