New York Jets Are Crazy To Sign Michael Vick

Michael Vick

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The New York Jets went 8-8 with a rookie quarterback last season, so bringing in an injury-prone washed up veteran in Michael Vick is a real head scratching move. Sure Vick was a threat back in the early 2000s, but he hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004 and hasn’t played a full 16-game schedule since 2006.

Geno Smith threw for over 3,000 yards and 12 touchdowns last season, despite the lack of wide receiver and running back talent around him. His 21 interceptions should hardly be a surprise from a rookie quarterback thrust into the spotlight on day one, and bringing in unnecessary competition is a move that will likely backfire on the Jets.

If Vick wins the starting job they will be admitting they missed on Smith, this just one year after drafting him in the second round and naming him a starter Week 1. This also for a guy in Vick who hasn’t proven to be a winner in years and has always had questions surrounding his accuracy and ability as a pocket passer.

The Jets aren’t built to win now, so why they are threatening their future to give a controversy-ridden Vick another chance is beyond me. They finished 8-8 last season with Smith under center, and considering his completion percentage was better than Vick’s (54.6) I am unable to see where the improvement comes from.

Vick’s lone step-up on Geno is his scrambling ability, but that’s how he often gets banged-up and injured. Inserting Smith mid-season after an injury to Vick would simply set the offense back as opposed to building it from the start with Smith – who impressed me last season – as the starter from Week 1.

Geno is the younger player at just 23 years old, while Vick (33) will be lucky to sign another contract after his one-year, $5 million deal with the Jets runs out. It’s been years since he was an above-average starter, and once the Jets realize this they will hopefully go back to their young franchise quarterback.

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  • Chris

    this is the worst article ive ever read. it makes absolutely no sense. Mr. Nick Baker believes that the Jets would be “threatening their future” by signing a veteran qb for 1 year, 5 million? God forbid they have a little leadership and he wasnt an above average starter in 2012? And didnt almost win MVP in 2011? Last year was a down year because of injuries due to a terrible offensive line. Get your facts straight Baker

  • Chris


  • Super T

    Wow, when teams are starting QBs like Matt Schaub, Jason Campbell, and Matt Cassel you’re really ripping the Jets for signing Michael Vick as a backup QB to a 1 year $5M deal?