Philadelphia Eagles Should Only Trade DeSean Jackson For Right Value

By justinbeaucage
DeSean Jackson
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It could be any day now that the Philadelphia Eagles finally trade diva receiver DeSean Jackson. All this month, the Eagles have been shopping the controversial superstar. Although Philadelphia has never really denied shopping Jackson, there have been plenty of reports saying he is staying put. Sources have said the Eagles have talked to multiple teams around the NFL, while other reports say the Pro Bowler isn’t going anywhere.

However, the most recent report about Jackson suggests he’s as good as gone. The Eagles apparently “don’t want him” and are considering even releasing the receiver, giving up the All-Pro wideout for nothing at all.

It isn’t Jackson’s play on the field that may lead to his departure from Philadelphia. His attitude off of it and on the sideline has been a cause for concern since he was drafted seven seasons ago. The Eagles think he no longer fits in the culture that head coach Chip Kelly is trying to instill in the Eagles’ locker room. Production wise, Jackson is still one of the best receivers in the NFL. He had a career year in Kelly’s system with more than 1,300 receiving yards and nine touchdowns, all career-highs.

If he were to be traded, the Eagles are at least looking for a third-round pick in this year’s NFL Draft. However, despite the interest from multiple teams, no one has really given the Eagles an offer, questioning Jackson’s work ethic and attitude fitting on their team. It may seem foolish for the Eagles to trade away one of their best players, but the team shouldn’t hesitate to ship him away for the right deal.

Philadelphia has one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, and it has the potential to get even better. Jackson had his best season of his career last year. At the prime age of 27, there’s a chance he could be just hitting his peak right now. However, because of his playing style, this might be unlikely. Jackson is a burner, and, as one of the fastest receivers in the league, he could see this speed dwindle sooner rather than later. If Philadelphia can go out in the draft and find a fill-in for Jackson, this is a move that should be at least considered.

Despite this, the Eagles should only make a deal that is both fair and at the right value.

Philadelphia should not even consider cutting Jackson. The team would be letting go a Pro Bowl player for basically nothing and would not have a set option to take Jackson’s place. However, in a trade, the Eagles could at least receive a draft pick for Jackson and possibly even a defensive player to add to the secondary. Philadelphia may be asking too little for a player of Jackson’s caliber, but there should be a team that overvalues him, making the trade a little bit more fair for Philadelphia.

If the right deal is there, the Eagles should at least consider dealing the wide receiver. If no one is willing to make an offer that will replace Jackson and then some, he should take the field for Philadelphia next season.

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