Jim Kelly Fighting Hard Against Recurrence of Oral Cancer

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Kelly
Getty Images

In news that you never like to hear, Jim Kelly‘s oral cancer has returned. You may remember last summer that the former QB underwent surgery on his jaw to remove some bone and teeth. After the procedure he was deemed cancer-free. But now about nine months later, it was determined at a follow up visit that the cancer has returned.

Kelly is currently awaiting surgery and his daughter posted this photo of the two on Instagram:

The unfortunate part is that his wife noted in her blog that the cancer is aggressive and spreading. It’s unknown at this time just exactly what that means. Hopefully, it hasn’t spread out of his jaw.

The odd part of this story is that Kelly wasn’t a tobacco user. When you hear about oral cancer, that’s the first place your head goes. Especially when talking about former athletes. I would have guessed that Kelly was a chewer, but that’s not the case.

We’ll just have to hope that this round of surgery gets all the cancer and stops the spreading.

Kelly’s friend (former QB and current NFL exec) John Elway was recently spoke to BuffaloBills.com and had this to say:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and his family. I know what a tough guy he is, he’s proven that in his years in the NFL. Obviously, the last couple of years he’s been struggling with some of the health issues. Our hearts and prayers go out to him and hopefully everything works out for him.”

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