Mark Sanchez Leaves New York Jets Organization the Classy Way

By Luis Tirado Jr.
Mark Sanchez
Alex Trautwig/Stringer (Getty Images)

It’s finally over. The Mark Sanchez era with the New York Jets has come to an end, and now everyone can part ways and move on to bigger and better situations. Regardless of what most may think of Sanchez and his memories wearing a Jets uniform, he handled all his years with the team the right way.

Sanchez never once complained or ran to the media about how the Jets carelessly left him hung out to dry in a meaningless preseason game against the New York Giants that saw him get severely injured. He never complained about being benched either. He always said and did the right things for a team that really didn’t show any appreciation for what he did his first few years with them.

Despite the butt fumble and his legacy of throwing interceptions, Sanchez will always be remembered for handling everything with class and professionalism. Even when the Jets brought in Tim Tebow to compete with him, he always kept his head up high and did whatever his team asked. Most Jets fans hate Sanchez because of the perceived notion he can’t play quarterback in the NFL despite bringing them a game shy of being in the Super Bowl for two straight seasons upon his arrival.

Three NFL teams have already reached out to Sanchez in order to see what his terms are to start a new page in his career. Before it becomes official on his new home, he tweeted a link to an open letter for Jets fans and the sports world to read.

He wrote about all the great memories he had with the Jets as well as the incredible experiences his first two years on the team in back-to-back AFC Championship games. How he gave everything he had to bring a Super Bowl championship for the fans and the organization that originally drafted him.

He dedicated the letter to his family in the locker room as well as Aiden, a child who struggled with a rare form of cancer who unfortunately passed away in late 2010. Sanchez had a very strong bond with Aiden in which he helped fund research to find a cure and also made sure he had the best seat at MetLife Stadium for home games.

Say what you want about Sanchez, but he has earned the respect of many as supporters will continue to cheer for him no matter where he ends up in the NFL. Now it’s time for Sanchez to erase the bad memories with brand new ones, and hopefully the Jets won’t regret releasing him too much when he’s revitalizing his young career somewhere else.

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