NFL Takes More Fun Out of Game, Plans to Penalize Players for Goal Post Dunks

By Connor Muldowney
Calvin Johnson
Getty Images

The NFL has completely outdone itself once again. Many people refer to the National Football League, or NFL, as the “No Fun League” for a reason. The league’s head of officiating, Dan Blandino, told the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday afternoon that goal post dunks will now be penalized — as they were not done so prior.

Apparently, the NFL already had a rule about using the ball as a prop and players had been violating that rule with the consistent dunk celebrations.

Players like Calvin Johnson, seen above, Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham, among others, have been utilizing the impressive dunk celebration for years and now that all of them, minus the now-retired Gonzalez, have been banned from performing the celebration, the league should start answering questions.

There was one instance in which Graham dunked the ball over the goal post in the 2013 season and even caused enough destruction to tilt the entire structure. Safety concerns may arise when it comes to celebration such as these, but rules can be put in place to limit the dunks. For example, allowing the players to continue dunking, but not letting them hang on the posts for an extended period of time.

Roger Goodell is receiving a load of criticism on this “new” rule, as he should.

Sure, one time in hundreds of attempts resulted in a titled goal post. How about making them even sturdier. If a player can tilt a goal post with a slam dunk, maybe they aren’t safe as it is.

Limiting celebrations that use the ball as a prop — that’s a new one. Players have been doing that for as long as I can remember.

The “No Fun League” strikes again.

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