Detroit Lions Made Mistake Letting Backup QB Shaun Hill Get Away

Backup QB Shaun Hill

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The Detroit Lions lost their solid backup quarterback Shaun Hill after he signed a one-year free agent deal with the St. Louis Rams to be the veteran support for Sam Bradford. Now the Lions must get a decent second string quarterback they can rely on for the 2014 season. Unfortunately the well of reliable veteran backups is just about dry, and the demand is at an all-time high.

Every quarterback is vulnerable to injury, and Matthew Stafford has certainly experienced his fair share of physical setbacks. Of course losing Stafford for any significant amount of games this season or next could prove to be devastating no matter who is the backup quarterback. However, it’s absolutely vital to have a decent backup for those one or two games that could mean the difference between making the playoffs or missing them yet again.

That’s what the Lions need to focus on — finding someone who can keep the ship afloat for one or two games a season. As of right now, Kellen Moore is not that guy. Hill was actually an outstanding backup QB. Throughout his career, he’s thrown about two seasons worth of passes with a very solid passer rating of 85.9 and a touchdown-to-interception ratio of nearly 2-to-1.

There are rumors from Martin Mayhew that the Lions could draft a possible backup quarterback. This would be counter-productive. If you’re just trying to fill the roster that’s one thing, but the Lions need a guy who can come into the game now. Getting another rookie with the intention of grooming him as a backup will just be putting the Lions into the same boat they’re already in with Moore.

I’m not saying the Lions should have backed up the Brinks truck for a guy like Hill, but for a team trying to win right now, a second stringer who knows the team and knows how to keep the ball moving down the field is so incredibly important when trying make moves in the playoffs. However it went down, losing Hill was a step backwards in what otherwise has been a decent offseason of moves for the Lions.

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    That’s ridiculous

  • twelsh36446

    I do like Orlovski, but he got a bad rap on running out of the end zone as a rookie. Other than that he did better than Harrington IMO. Lets face it the Lions didn’t have much to work with when he played back then. With this offense he could move the ball. I laughed when he ran it out the back of the end zone lmao. It was that puke.