NFL Playoffs: Why Adding Two More Teams Would Increase Competition

By Luis Tirado Jr.
NFL Playoffs
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Competition is one of the main reason why winning is important. You might start off a season poorly, but along the way start making the necessary changes to find a winning formula. In the NFL, too many times towards the final stretch of the season teams find that winning formula and start rallying wins in an effort to reach the playoffs. More often than not, some of those teams that win their final three or four games narrowly miss the playoffs because they couldn’t catch a break. Those 9-7 teams that are left playing Madden 25 on PlayStation 4 at home come January are pondering why they couldn’t simply get a chance to see what they could do in the playoffs.

One of the hot topics at the annual NFL meetings to discuss possible changes for this upcoming season is adding two extra teams into the NFL playoffs. Those teams that do end at 9-7 or 8-8 can slide into the playoffs and contend for a championship. As the saying goes, it truly is any given Sunday since plenty of times those teams are on hot streaks and can easily take out the best of the best.

At the moment, the NFL has a six seed format and is in discussions to expand it to a seven seed format. For years, there have been talks about adding two more games to the regular season but have been consistently turned down due to the wear and tear of what goes into competing for a full season. Another idea was to remove all preseason games and add two more weeks into the playoffs. That way, wild card teams can battle it out to advance while giving teams who had great records enjoy a two week break to help with injuries and prepare for the playoffs.

An easy way to compromise would be to just add two more teams from each conference into the playoffs as wild cards. It’ll increase many more things besides competition, like extra games, more TV ratings and, of course, that miracle aspect of having a team enter as a wild card and actually win it all.

The beauty of adding two extra teams means not only does every game count, but so does the final few games to end the season based on playoff implications. It’ll create more competition between divisions to continue playing harder since it could be the difference between playing some more games after the season is officially over.

Out of all the major sports leagues in the world, nothing is bigger than the NFL playoffs. Giving two more teams the ability to play in them, despite not having great records, would only mean more memories created on the gridiron.

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