Philadelphia Eagles' Offseason Takes Yet Another Bizarre Turn

By Ryan Wenzell
Philadelphia Eagles Trade Rumors
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly finally met with the media on Wednesday, and let’s just say it didn’t clear much up. The Philadelphia Eagles head coach went with the company line of: ‘DeSean Jackson is still a member of our team, he did a good job last year, we like him,’ blah blah blah.

He did not give Jackson a ringing endorsement. Kelly often repeated ‘we are always going to do what’s best for the organization.’ There could certainly be some hidden sub text in that. It is clear Kelly doesn’t base his offense or any part of his team in general on one player. It’s almost like everyone to an extent is considered replaceable. So when a player, no matter his importance or standing on the team, acts out or makes monetary demands, you can bet Kelly has little to no patience for it and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

That seems to be the case here. On top of the ongoing Jackson saga, news came out that the Eagles were shopping Evan Mathis. Mathis isn’t only one of the best offensive linemen on the team he’s one of the premier guards in football. Supposedly, he wanted a raise and Eagles general manager Howie Roseman countered with threatening to trade him.

The headlines keep on rolling in. Who’s next? Nobody knows. One thing’s for certain: The Eagles drive a hard bargain. They want things their way, and if someone gets out of line they won’t hesitate to move on from them. Part of this is also on the player. Guys like Jackson and Mathis signed these deals not two seasons ago. They are lucrative deals for their positions.

Why the sudden need to ask for more? It does seem silly, especially when these guys are making millions. These are just the latest developments in what has become one of the strangest offseasons in recent memory in Philadelphia.

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