Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Ray Rice’s Indictment Could Change Team’s Future

By RantSports Staff
Ray Rice indicted
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Just when it seemed like things might be getting better for the Baltimore Ravens, the team’s greatest fear has become reality: Ray Rice has been indicted by Atlantic County, NJ, prosecutors on an aggravated assault charge. Rice’s case has already escalated and now his future as the Ravens’ running back is in jeopardy. Couple that with the fact he didn’t exactly have a career year in 2013, the season after Baltimore won the Super Bowl, and his days as a Ravens star could be over.

Rice was initially charged for simple assault after allegedly hitting his fiancé in mid-November. The incident occurred at Revel Casino when Rice was caught on camera trying to drag his unconscious fiancé into an elevator:

If convicted, Rice could face 3-5 years in prison, which would essentially end his tenure with the Ravens. If he got off super early like Michael Vick, then he could return to the NFL after serving his time (assuming he serves some), but he’ll likely be on the wrong side of 30 at that point.

Rice has three years left on his contract with the Ravens and there have already been rumors the team could cut him if he doesn’t return to form in 2014. Seeing as how those discussions have already happened, the decision for Baltimore could be even easier now. And with the 2014 NFL Draft approaching, the Ravens’ strategy could change to account for Rice possibly being behind bars soon.


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