Houston Texans Rumors: Johnny Manziel Shouldn’t be No. 1 Pick After Pro Day

Johnny Manziel texans pro day

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After all the hype leading up to it, Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day is officially over. The former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback completed 61 of 64 throws and “impressed” the scouts in attendance representing 30 of the 32 NFL teams. Initial reports directly following the workout stated the Houston Texans, who hold the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and are considering taking Manziel, are “excited” after watching him throw in full pads. Frankly, that should scare the heck out of Texans.

If you’re one of the delusional Houston fans who believes Manziel is going to make your team a Super Bowl contender, then you’re probably pumped to hear this news, but that enthusiasm will end by about Week 6 of the upcoming season. Manziel’s Pro Day proved two things: He knows how to complete a scripted workout and he’s not perfect. Sure, one of his passes was dropped and another was caught by Mike Evans out of bounds after he bobbled it initially, but Manziel’s second-to-last throw was low and wide of his intended receiver. It may just be one pass out of 64, but it came at the end of the workout, suggesting he was mentally and/or physically tired by that point.

Again, all that tells us is that he isn’t perfect. But for a team with the No. 1 overall draft pick that just needs a franchise quarterback to get back into Super Bowl contention, is anything less than perfect acceptable? That’s not to say that Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles is perfect, but Manziel didn’t set him self apart during his workout at College Station. If anything, he proved that he’s not worthy of the No. 1 overall pick since this is really the only pro-style passing we’ve seen him do and it was against no defense. When mechanics look good at a Pro Day, but not on film, that should be a red flag for a team looking for its future with the top overall draft pick. The Texans would be foolish to think Manziel fits that bill following his Pro Day.

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  • LuvMyUsa1

    What is the Hater BS ? This article is warm Garbage ! Heck I’m not even a Manziel fan but I know a hack piece of journalism when I see it ! The kid looked good on his Pro Day and the only people who should be concerned about the pick are the Owner , the GM and the coach because they ultimately have to answer to the fans ! The last time the Texans had the number one pick , they wen’t against the grain and picked Mario Williams and it turned out to be the correct pick ! I don’t see the Texans being swayed by any outside influences here either ! If they do pick Manziel it will be because they have a plan in place on how to maximize his talent’s and they think he is the best player for what they want to do !