Johnny Manziel Taking Unwise Risk by Throwing in Pads at Pro Day

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel Pro day pads
Getty Images

The thing about Pro Days for college football players trying to boost their NFL Draft stock is they are full of scripted workouts that are typically done without pads, so the coaches really don’t get a good look at what the player can do outside of the actual game film they’ve already seen. So why is it a bad thing for Johnny Manziel to throw in pads at his Pro Day? He can only hurt his draft stock at this point.

Manziel is already being considered as a top-10 draft pick and that probably won’t change, regardless of how he performs at his Pro Day. Throwing in pads probably won’t affect his performance any, but it could because quarterbacks should be close to perfect on their throws to familiar receivers with no defense and no pads.

Put simply, Manziel can only hurt his draft stock with inaccurate throws at his Pro Day, so increasing the chance of that by throwing in pads could potentially cause him to drop into the latter part of the top 10. He wants to go No. 1 overall to the Houston Texans and the way to do that would be to have a perfect Pro Day with accurate throws and good mechanics. Throwing in pads could possibly derail that, although if a quarterback can’t throw in pads, why is he being considered for the NFL in the first place? That’s the question we’re asking as well as why Manziel isn’t giving himself the easiest route to being taken No. 1 overall. Oh well, we already knew he wasn’t the sharpest brightest crayon in the box.

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