Now is Time for Dallas Cowboys to Get Anthony Spencer

By Josh Bateman
Anthony Spencer
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With Jared Allen signing a deal with the Chicago Bears, the once lucrative market for pass rushers has dwindled down to almost nothing. The Dallas Cowboys made it clear they were going to take no part in overpaying aging defenders, which is why they let DeMarcus Ware go and showed little interest in Allen or Julius Peppers.

One of the last standing pass rushers left on the marker is Anthony Spencer, and even though they have avoided much of free agency, Spencer is starting to look like a legitimate possibility for the Cowboys.

Teams all over the league have signed the many free agent pass rushers, leaving Spencer with fewer and fewer job opportunities. With the market closing up, Spencer’s price range can only lower.

With his limited options and injury history, the Cowboys have a lot of leverage over Spencer and should be able to get him for a price that they can afford. Allen already had to take less money than Ware received, and considering Spencer’s career has been no where near that of the future Hall of Famer’s, the Cowboys should be able to get him for significantly less than the other free agents.

At the right price, Spencer could prove to be a crucial piece of this coming season’s defense. While Henry Melton fills a big gap in the middle of the defensive line, Spencer could be the top option coming off the edge.

Spencer has never been one of the league’s dominant pass rushers; he has four straight seasons with at least five sacks, including 11 the year before he got hurt. That 11 sack season also earned Spencer defensive MVP of the Cowboys.

Spencer also gives Rod Marinelli more depth to work with, and the impact he has on defensive lineman could be what elevates Spencer to the next tier of NFL players. 

Spencer is running out of options, and the Cowboys should take advantage and pounce on the pass rusher, whose value has decreased significantly.

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