Bill Belichick Shoots Down Rob Gronkowski Return Talk in Classic Fashion

By Andrew Fisher
Bill Belichick
USA Today Sports

Who doesn’t love Bill Belichick‘s monotone microphone skills? Okay, a lot of people don’t. But for whatever reason, I find his interview responses to be hilarious most of the time.

Well, the New England Patriots head coach was at it again recently. This time, he responded to a question about the return of All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski:

“Are you seriously asking that question?”

I couldn’t agree more with Belichick. It’s March, not July. The time for Gronk return questions certainly isn’t now, and it likely won’t even be time in July. Belichick hates answering questions about player injuries and the only thing he hates more than that, is speculating.

The Patriots head coach is as straightforward as they come. There’s no time for BS or funny remarks. Heck, I’m certain that he’d never talk to the media if the NFL didn’t make him…

Come this summer as training camp rolls around, the Gronk-return questions will be in full effect. I’m just hoping it won’t be like last year, where we’re left guessing about his return until about a third of the way through the season.

As crazy as it sounds, Gronk’s torn ACL injury is much more cut and dry than his back and forearm injuries were in 2013. Torn ACL recovery is getting easier by the year. Back injuries are much tougher to permanently fix.

But with all that being said, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the TE goes down again.


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