Carolina Panthers Should Sign Free Agent WR DeSean Jackson Immediately

By josephscalise
DeSean Jackson
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have just released Pro Bowl receiver DeSean Jackson today, and by doing so they have sent him out into the murky waters of the free agency world. While there are many speculations and rumors surrounding why the Eagles decided to part with the talented wideout, there is one thing that cannot be denied: He is up for grabs.

The Carolina Panthers already showed an immense interest in making a trade for Jackson earlier in the offseason, but now, instead of having to use a draft pick, they can make a move to sign him with the little cap space they have left. If they did manage to bring Jackson onto the team, not only would it bring a quick, dangerous deep threat to the Carolina passing attack, but it would also justify all of Dave Gettleman’s offseason moves and bring him (as well as the Panthers’ organization) back into the good graces of the football world.

Signing Jackson would be wonderful move for Carolina on multiple fronts. As of right now, the Panthers’ two glaring needs are at wide receiver and offensive line. After the Panthers lost their entire wide receiving corps, they needed to piece it back together by bringing in a deep threat to replace Steve Smith and a short yardage receiver who could convert third downs and red zone situations. Jerricho Cotchery was the Panthers’ answer to the short yardage problem, as he is known for his hands rather than his down field potential. After singing Cotchery, it seemed that the Panthers were poised to make a move for a deep threat during the NFL Draft.

However, if the Panthers sign Jackson, that would not only give them a viable deep threat option, but it would also allow the Panthers to use one of their draft picks on rebuilding the offensive line with a strong tackle. As such, signing Jackson would help both offensive problems in one move. Getting Jackson is by no means a must, but it would be a very smart deal that would rebuild the receiving corps while also allowing the Panthers to bring much-needed help to the offensive line.

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