DeSean Jackson's Release Proves WR Needs Direction To Find Success

By Luis Tirado Jr.
DeSean Jackson
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The Philadelphia Eagles made a surprising move earlier today by releasing wide receiver DeSean Jackson. At first both sides looked to be in agreement to keep him in an Eagles uniform, but his release has proven otherwise. What exactly went into his release after producing one of the best seasons of his career?

Bad attitude.

There is no question Jackson is a talented receiver, however, off the football field issues will eventually catch up to you. In addition to that, his locker room attitude as well as overall negative mentality didn’t sit well with not only the entire Eagles organization but also head coach Chip Kelly.

Kelly has always been known to be a player-friendly kind of coach. He’s always believed if you have athletic and happy players, you will win plenty of football games. For that to work, every single person on the team must believe in the mantra that hard work and positivity will always reign supreme for everything to go like it should. Kelly very much brings a college-like atmosphere to the team, and in his first year with the Eagles he immediately knew Jackson was a cancer on the team.

Jackson has been known to create scenes in the locker room and in front of others to get his point across. He used to throw tantrums because of either not getting enough reps or disagreeing with the plays being called. That’s a huge mistake since this isn’t high school football but the National Football League. All of your actions, especially the bad ones, will always hold severe consequences.

His unwillingness to put the team before himself inevitably led to his release. Kelly had to do this so the Eagles can move in the right direction. A winning direction is only achieved by making actions like releasing one of your best players because he isn’t a team player. It’s a powerful message sent to the team that Kelly has zero tolerance for bad apples on his roster.

What happens to Jackson now? Well, he hits the market where teams can inquire about his services. Jackson knows he’s one of the top wide receivers in the league but comes with a huge warning sign. Perhaps this release will make him open his eyes and start being humble.

The right system and head coach could actually mold and mentor him directly into turning this all around. Everyone knows about his issues, but maybe if he would be brought in by a team that has a structured discipline approach like the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks for example, he could bounce back.

Until then, Jackson will now join the ranks of players like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens who were incredible receivers but due to their attitudes will never get to wear a Super Bowl ring.

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