Did Gang Ties Play A Part In Philadelphia Eagles Releasing DeSean Jackson?

By Karim Akbar
DeSean Jackson New York Jets
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles released Pro Bowl receiver DeSean Jackson Friday over what some say are lingering character issues. Those issues include an alleged tie to gangs and Jackson’s supposedly shady entourage. Whatever the reason the Eagles are moving forward, but many are still crying foul.

Under Roger Goodell the NFL has branded itself as a league with a squeaky clean image free of arrest warrants. Poster boys like Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are en vogue these days. But is that fair?

What is fair and what isn’t is a matter of personal opinion. Frankly this move looks like it was a character issue release — not a racial one. Therefore the Eagles can do what they feel is right.

Many fans will say Jackson was treated unfairly, but that’s only if you look past all of Jackson’s run-ins with the law. Besides this is business. The Eagles are justified in letting Jackson go; they have no arrest record here. The Eagles aren’t constantly in the headlines nor do they routinely make the NFL’s biggest troublemaker list like Jackson does.

With this move the Eagles are rebuilding with players who won’t be a distraction to success. If you find there’s something wrong with that then you’re misguided.

This has nothing to do with race. DeSean Jackson put himself in this spot with his questionable choices. Now he has to deal with it.

Besides there are still 25 or so teams that would love to have Jackson’s services. That would include Jackson’s hometown Oakland Raiders.

In the end Jackson and the Eagles will both be better off. Everyone should just move on.

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