Maurice Jones-Drew Commits Career Suicide, Agrees to Deal With Raiders

Maurice Jones-Drew

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Oakland is where NFL veteran careers go to die.

Well that might not necessary be true in every instance, but it is in the case of Maurice Jones-Drew, who agreed on a three-year deal with the Oakland Raiders on Friday. While it’s not a bad move for the former Jacksonville Jaguars running back, the Raiders certainly aren’t an ideal team to resurrect his career with.

Now headed for Oakland, Jones-Drew will team with Darren McFadden to form one of the most talented, injury-prone running back duos in the NFL. Jones-Drew and McFadden both possess starting-caliber talent. However, both have also missed significant time over the last two seasons while battling injuries, and will likely miss at least a few games each in 2014 for the same reason.

What’s worse for Jones-Drew is that the Raiders are still in major rebuild mode.

Since free agency opened on March 11, the Raiders have been searching far and wide for talent. They’ve signed several aging, declining players to help on both sides of the ball. While many of them may have seen it as an opportunity to join a franchise bent on getting better, it’s hard not to think it’s going to end up being little more than an extra paycheck before they check out.

It’s great that Jones-Drew found himself another payday and will get an opportunity for a “fresh start” with the Raiders, but it’s not going to be the revival he was hoping for. The fact remains that, since 2012, MJD has been in decline and is nearing the end of his NFL career despite only being 29-years old.

The Raiders are going to ask too much of Jones-Drew, who will either break down at some point this season or put up similar numbers to his pitiful, injury-plagued 2013 campaign. One way or another, this will bring an end to what was once a promising NFL career.

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  • Bob Yost

    Ya know,… as a Raider fan my whole life I can tell you that no matter what the Raiders do,… there are ALWAYS nitwits like yourself who hate them, as shown in the very first line of your hatchet job,…. er,… I mean “article” “Oakland is where NFL veteran careers go to die” & is continued throughout.
    You dismissively type (I say type because writing requires imagination, originality & skill):
    “They’ve signed several aging, declining players to help on both sides of the ball” yet when other teams (Denver) sign players of the same age or older (Ware), they are hailed as brilliant. You belittle Oakland’s signings saying “it’s hard not to think it’s going to end up being little more than an extra paycheck before they check out.” As if the players signed were malingerers looking to get paid for nothing! In my opinion, it’s hard not think you scribbled this on the inside lid of a pizza box.

    Forgetting that MJD was asked to do WAY too much by The Jaguars for practically his entire career to this point as he was pretty much the offense for them… you snidely state that it’s great that he found another payday, but that this will not be a fresh start, because the Raiders will overuse him, & he’ll get hurt… or just plain suck

    I doubt that you know this but MJD has missed just 14 games as a pro (10 of those in 2012) yet you & those of your ilk write about him as if he’d been in the hospital bed next to McFadden (who I’m sure you mock regularly) & predict that both will miss a few games this year.

    As if all of this were not enough you sarcastically conclude with: “Another win in the books for Reggie McKenzie.”

    I can’t wait to see you choke on all the crow you will be eating come playoff time.