Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: DeSean Jackson To Fight Gang Allegations?

By RantSports Staff
DeSean Jackson
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

In the NFL news of the day, DeSean Jackson has been released by the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s not often that you see a top-tier wide receiver get dropped in the middle of his prime, but with Jackson, there’s allegedly more to the story.

Reports emerged on Friday that linked Jackson to gangs in California. The WR has come out and denied these allegations:

“I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible. I work very hard on and off the field and I am a good person with good values. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made both on and off the field. I have worked tirelessly to give back to my community and have a positive impact on those in need. It is unfortunate that I now have to defend myself and my intentions. These reports are irresponsible and just not true.”

So if the reports are indeed completely false, will Jackson take legal action? I think it’s certainly possible. Gang ties are about the last thing you want if you’re an NFL player trying to find a new home. If the whole thing is just a bunch of hot air, what a crappy deal for Jackson.

Ultimately, I don’t think these rumors will affect the WR’s near future. He’s going to quickly find a new home.

If Jackson was hanging out with some questionable characters off the field, maybe this is the wake up call he needed? Maybe he’ll be more motivated than ever in 2014? That’s what his new team will be hoping for.

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