Release Of DeSean Jackson An All-Time Dumb Move For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
DeSean Jackson Trade
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles cut ties with DeSean Jackson today, getting rid of perhaps their top offensive playmaker in the process. Jackson is only 27 years old. He is coming off his best season as a pro as he nearly shattered the single season franchise record for receiving yards and hauled in nine touchdown passes.

He is simply one of the game’s most electric play makers capable of taking one to the house at any time. Why then part ways with a Pro Bowl receiver who is in the prime of his career? Apparently he didn’t fit into the Chip Kelly “mold”. Locker room concerns, spats with coaches on the sidelines and off the field issues like a recent robbery that occurred in his home raised major red flags.

He has also had some affiliations to gangs in his past. Perhaps the Eagles saw an Aaron Hernandez type situation coming and wanted to cut ties as soon as possible. Regardless, on paper this is one boneheaded move.

At least let the 2014 season be a trial run. I believe all these trade and release rumors would have served as a lesson for Jackson and under strong leadership with coach Kelly and a veteran locker room he would have gotten in line.

Instead the Eagles made a bold — and in my opinion stupid — move by ridding themselves of their most explosive talent while getting absolutely nothing in return. This one stings. There is no replacing a talent like Jackson.

Yes, this year’s draft is loaded at the receiver position. Perhaps someone will come in and produce in a similar way without making all the headlines. Not anytime soon, though — certainly not next year. The Eagles’ offseason continues to get weirder and weirder — and not in a good way.

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