5 Greatest DeSean Jackson Moments With The Philadelphia Eagles

By Mike Gibson

5 Greatest DeSean Jackson Moments With Eagles

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles,
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Call me a cynic, but I think the Philadelphia Eagles' decision to cut DeSean Jackson after his most productive season in the NFL is a monumental mistake.

The Eagles did not release the reason for the decision, and instead allowed a lot of negative innuendo to be floated out there about Jackson, who did not kill anyone or commit a crime.

What is in his future?

A lot of what was in his past, including these five great moments:

5. Jackson Gives Andy Reid A Hipcheck

At the end of this video, Jackson gives Andy Reid a hipcheck that caused Reid to limp around for a week.

No one would be surprised to see Reid pick up Jackson again.

Also, at the 2:40 mark of this video, a ref falls down as Jackson flies by him for a touchdown, and in the middle, Jackson returns a punt for a touchdown against the New York Giants, but it wasn't THE punt return he was known for against that team.

4. Jackson Goes Undercover To Sell His Own Jersey

Jackson goes undercover as a clerk at a sporting goods store to sell his own jersey with limited success at fooling people, but causes a lot of laughs.

3. Jackson Nails Super Bowl Prediction (and more)

DeSean Jackson makes a Super Bowl prediction, correctly picking the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Denver Broncos, but what he says about the Eagles and the Seahawks is more interesting. He says that with a healthy Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper and Jackson, that the Seahawks could not stop the Eagles.

Unfortunately, Eagles fans will never see that group together on the field.

The Eagles better pick a primo wide receiver in the draft this year, but there's no guarantee that the unknown will be as productive as the known.

2. Falling Down Backward Touchdown vs. Dallas Cowboys

Michael Vick threads a pass perfectly against the Dallas Cowboys, and Jackson does all the work afterward, including falling down backward. Jackson shows his speed in beating several defensive backs, even two with angles. The Eagles are going to miss that speed.

1. Miracle of The Meadowlands: Part II

Nothing screams showmanship like the beginning and the end of this video as Jackson raises his hands over his head as if to say "give me the ball, I'm going to win this game." At the end, he takes it up the goal line to make sure that all of the time on the clock expires before he goes into the end zone to win the game.

Miracle of the Meadowlands Part I was Herman Edwards picking up a fumble to turn certain defeat into certain victory. Miracle of the Meadowlands Part II was provided by Jackson, who turned a certain overtime game into sudden victory.

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