New York Jets Should Stay Away From Chris Johnson Trade

By Andrew Fisher
Chris Johnson
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It’s almost April and Chris Johnson is surprisingly still a member of the Tennessee Titans. The RB has reportedly been on the trade block for weeks now, and at the same time, there haven’t been any solid leads as to where he might land in 2014.

You certainly can’t guarantee anything in the world of sports, but it seems like Johnson’s days in Nashville are numbered. Ian Rapoport is reporting that the team will either trade or release him before the start of OTAs.

All along, I just haven’t bought the idea of CJ2k getting traded. I don’t think he’s completely washed up by any means, but I don’t think he’s worth trading for either. However, one team with legitimate interest in him has reportedly emerged  — the New York Jets.

The Jets were linked to Maurice Jones-Drew earlier in the offseason, but he’s already found a new home in Oakland. They’re also reportedly interested in DeSean Jackson. But as of now, they don’t seem to be on the WR’s short list.

If the Jets had to make a push to acquire one guy, the clear choice is Jackson. He’s already a free agent, and he has a ton more value than Johnson.

If they can’t coax the WR into singing on, Johnson wouldn’t be the worst consolation prize. However, he’ll only make for a good acquisition if he comes to the team in free agency. The Jets should avoid a trade for the RB like the plague.

I’m not saying he can’t help the team’s mediocre offense. I’m just saying that trading for him and his large contract, doesn’t make any sense.

If the RB hasn’t been dealt by now, it’s unlikely that he will be. The Jets should be patient and see if he gets released. Then, and only then, the team should makes its move.

Chris Johnson would be an upgrade in New York’s backfield, but he only makes sense as a less-expensive free agent signing.


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