Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson Cut Over Money, Not Gangs

By Josh Bateman
DeSean Jackson
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

After DeSean Jackson was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles, what followed was an uproar regarding the seasons for his departure from the team. It was made out as though Jackson was cut because of apparent gang affiliations.

Aside from ambiguous hand gestures that Jackson occasionally put up during games, there have been no indications of his having gang affiliations and those affiliations having an impact on the team. There may be some truth to the notion that Jackson was creating issues in the locker room. However, the Eagles have lived with him for years now and this is an issue of his personal attitude, not the people he associates with outside of football activities.

While Aaron Hernandez may have made the NFL more cautious when it comes to off-field issues, Jackson’s case is not even comparable to Hernandez. Without any evidence to even suggest Jackson may be engaging in the kind of activities Hernandez was there is no reason to jump to the worst possible conclusion.

The reason Jackson was cut is the same reason almost every player in the NFL is cut and that is money. Keeping Jackson would have meant a $12.75 million cap hit for the Eagles.

This is not to say that Jackson does not deserve that kind of money. Since entering the league he has the most touchdowns of 30 or more yards. He is one of the most explosive pass catchers and returners in the NFL. However, he is not worth $12.75 million to the Eagles.

While Jackson remained their best deep threat at wide receiver, signing Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper gave the Eagles enough weapons on the outside so that more money could be spent elsewhere. Throw in one of the most dynamic backfields with LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles and the fact of the matter is that the Eagles’ offense should be able to function fine without Jackson.

Chip Kelly believes in his system and for that reason cheaper wide reviewers can be used as they will produce more for what they are worth. This then allows the team to address more pressing needs with the large amount of money saved by parting ways with Jackson.

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