Washington Redskins Rumors: Not Signing DeSean Jackson Would Be Mistake

By Andrew Fisher
DeSean Jackson
(Bruce Kluckhohn/USA Today Sports)

DeSean Jackson is set to visit with the Washington Redskins on Monday. It’s a visit that many are expecting to lead to contract between the two sides. But is Washington the best fit for the WR?

It’s tough to say that signing with the Redskins would be a mistake. They need playmakers on offense and they’re likely to hand Jackson a sizable contract. On top of that, Washington isn’t too far away from making a return to the playoffs. All of these factors point to an agreement making sense.

There are reports stating that Daniel Snyder won’t let Jackson leave D.C. without a contract in place, and that certainly wouldn’t be a bad move on the Redskins part. Why let him test the market and potentially be swayed to sign elsewhere? This potential signing has basically fallen in the laps of the Redskins and they can’t afford to let him get away.

It certainly speaks volumes about the situation that Jackson’s first visit is to D.C. He obviously has very legitimate interesting in signing on. The Redskins would provide him with a franchise QB who’s only going to get better and with a new head coach who’s great on the offensive side of the ball.

At the same time, signing with the Redskins will give the WR a chance to stick it to his former team. He’s probably not thrilled with the fact that the Eagles basically told him they didn’t want him anymore.

I won’t be completely surprised if Jackson doesn’t sign on in D.C. He doesn’t need to go there, but the Redskins sure need him.


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