Will Riley Cooper Be Exposed In Starting Role For Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Riley Cooper Exposed
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, Riley Cooper flourished. He had a career high number of receiving yards and touchdown receptions. He finished the season with over 800 yards receiving and hauled in eight touchdowns.

Cooper had shown flashes of his skill but had never put together a full season like 2013. Why the improvement? Part of it had to do with Chip Kelly‘s frenetic, uptempo offense. Cooper was the perfect fit as a quick, big target for Nick Foles to throw to.

Another reason, whether Philadelphia Eagles fans want to hear it or not, was the guy playing across from him. DeSean Jackson. Jackson draws so much attention. He commands a safety to be rolled over to his side because of his game-breaking speed. At times, he demands a double-team. With the defense so in tune to where Jackson is at all times, it really opened up the field for Cooper.

He took advantage of the second and sometimes third corner and saw one-on-one coverage for the majority of the season. That is going to change this year. It is very possible that Cooper could see the team’s top corners on Sundays as Jeremy Maclin tries to bounce back from an injury.

How will Cooper respond to this? Will he fold? Was last season just a fluke because of the defense not accounting for him?

I am sure Cooper is eager to answer these questions with his play on the field. He will need to take his game to a whole different level. If he, Maclin and the rest of the offense can do that, there’s no reason why this offense, minus Jackson, still can’t be one of the game’s best.

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