DeSean Jackson Sticks It To Eagles, Signs With Washington Redskins

By Andrew Fisher
DeSean Jackson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We knew there’d be no shortage of teams interested in DeSean Jackson once he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles last week. In total, there have reportedly been nine teams interested in his services. But the one that stood out the most right from the get-go, has proven to be the favorite for a reason. It’s now being reported that Jackson will indeed sign on to become a member of the Washington Redskins.

First off, this is a great acquisition for the Redskins. They’re a team that desperately needed more playmakers on offense, and they’ve got one of the best in the business with Jackson. He’ll make Robert Griffin III better and he’ll make everyone else around him better too.

Secondly, I see this move as a proverbial middle finger to the Eagles from the WR. He was clearly unhappy about being kicked to the curb, and who could blame him? No one likes to be told they’re not needed anymore and that’s exactly what happened to Jackson. Coming off a career year in Philly, his release really had to sting.

But now that all the dust has settled, the WR is arguably in a better place to continue his career. He’ll be more valued in Washington and you know Jay Gruden is going to do everything in his power to get him involved in as many plays as possible.

I’m not going to all of a sudden buy a 3-13 making the playoffs in 2014 just because they signed DeSean Jackson — but he certainly won’t hurt the Redskins chances of playing next January.

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