New York Giants Add OL Depth With Charles Brown

By Kenneth Teape
Charles Brown New York Giants
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The New York Giants have been active throughout the NFL free agent period, and they continued to make moves Monday to shore up their leaky offensive line. Today, they announced the signing of offensive tackle Charles Brown, formally of the New Orleans Saints.

Brown started 14 games for the team last season. It was a poor performance against the St. Louis RamsRobert Quinn that resulted in his benching the final two games of the season. He has some potential though, being a second round pick in 2010 out of Southern California, and the Giants are hoping one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

This is the type of high-upside signing the Giants have been making all offseason, as Brown will not be turning 27 until next week. He also brings with him plenty of experience at offensive tackle, starting 22 games there thus far in his NFL career.

People may think it is getting excessive for the Giants to be signing all of these offensive linemen, as they have already added Geoff Schwartz, J.D. Walton and John Jerry. In addition, they are expecting to have Chris Snee back from injury after having hip surgery. But with how poorly they performed last season as a unit, there isn’t enough bodies the Giants can bring in to try and improve.

Of those free agent signings, Schwartz is the only player in which the Giants know what they will be getting. There is no guarantee that Walton will be any good, as he struggled mightily as the starting center for the Denver Broncos in 2010 and 2011. The Giants are confident that Jerry will not be in trouble for his role in the Bullying Scandal, but there is a chance that he could face a suspension still.

Snee is a question mark as well. He is coming off his second major surgery, and what he can give the Giants this season is still up in the air. Snee, nor the coaching staff, know exactly what to expect from him, so having options readily available on the roster is a necessity.

Will Beatty may be the biggest question mark, as his broken leg in the last game of the season is cause for concern. He is a notoriously slow healer, and with his production waning last season, it was not ideal for him to suffer such a catastrophic injury. Any time he misses during training camp will be a deterrent to him, and this team, getting back on track on the offensive line.

This was a worthwhile move for the Giants to make. Brown is a player who had a rough patch last season, but is still young enough to make something out of what was once a promising NFL career. He has a chance to get his career back on track with the Giants, as they will provide him an opportunity to grow as a player without too high of expectations. It is a good match for both players, and the type of signing the Giants have made this season — reclamation projects that have little risk and high upside.

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