NFL Rumors: DeSean Jackson Won’t Help Washington Redskins

By Michael Terrill
DeSean Jackson Washington Redskins
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It’s appearing more likely that wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be a member of the Washington Redskins before the end of the week. The irony in it is that Jackson might just be the reason why the Philadelphia Eagles don’t clinch the division or reach the playoffs in the ensuing years. However, I believe the more likely situation is that Jackson won’t help the Redskins amount to anything.

There’s no denying Jackson’s talent on the field. The man is a game changer. He’s flat out one of the most dangerous and explosive wide receivers in football. He has the potential to make Robert Griffin III a better quarterback. These are all reasons why the Redskins must agree on a deal immediately.

Then there is the version of Jackson that the Eagles didn’t want to take a chance on anymore. Philadelphia is well aware of his unmatched speed and athleticism, but what they also know is he’s a locker room parasite waiting to happen. Ever since he entered the league, there’s been speculation on Jackson the person, not the player. There’s the possibility that he will do more harm than good in the long run. The Eagles weren’t willing to bank a truckload of money on someone who could bite their hand in return. The alleged reports about his gang ties are just the beginning of what could be a dark tunnel that the organization doesn’t want to go down.

Washington doesn’t necessarily have the luxury that Philadelphia has. They went from first to last place in the division in the span of one season. Turmoil between the front office and the coaching staff led to the firing of Mike Shanahan. The fan base is worried, and rightfully so, about their hope and dreams shattering before their very eyes. The Redskins need to inject some confidence into the team and the fans, which is why they’re very serious about signing Jackson.

The unfortunate part is I don’t believe Jackson’s presence on and off the field will make the team better, at least not enough for Washington to carry the baggage that will come along with him. Giving Griffin a weapon on offense would be a huge step in the right direction. A receiver that averages 1,019 yards and five touchdowns per season is quite the upgrade.  However, an organization that’s trying to get back on track shouldn’t tie its life raft to a sinking ship. Jackson has plenty of good football left in him, but that will only sustain if he can stay positive in his personal life.

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