Philadelphia Eagles' Interest in Mike Evans Shouldn't Be Ignored

By justinbeaucage
Mike Evans
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The Philadelphia Eagles have made a lot of moves this offseason. Most recently, the team released one of its best players in DeSean Jackson. Now, the Eagles are in the market for a wide receiver, and look to become one of the more explosive offenses in the NFL.

Recently, the Eagles have expressed interest in wide receiver Mike Evans.

Philadelphia has one of the teams that has most closely scouted the big receiver from Texas A&M. As quarterback Johnny Manziel‘s favorite target, Evans was one of the most productive receivers in college football last season. The redshirt sophomore caught for over 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns a year ago, and was one of the best receivers in the competitive SEC. At 6-foot-5, Evans is literally one of the biggest prospects in a very talented receiving class this year.

Lately, the Eagles are one of the teams that are want Evans in Philadelphia.

With the No. 22 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, it’s very unlikely Evans will fall to Philadelphia that late in the draft. He is projected to be the second receiver off the board, and could go as early as the top ten. Now, if he somehow slips all the way to Philadelphia, it’s almost certain the Eagles will select him, given a man of his talents falling that far in the draft doesn’t happen often.

The Eagles were not only one of teams watching Evans at the combine, but Monday, he worked out for the Eagles privately. This shows that not only is Philadelphia interested in the wide receiver, but he is one of the most valued players by the Eagles’ front office.

The interest in Evans shouldn’t be ignored by the league. Could Philadelphia actually make a move up in the draft to select the receiver? That is still unclear, but recent news should say it shouldn’t be completely out of the question.

The Eagles have always been known to be one of the more aggressive teams in the draft when it comes to trades, especially in the later rounds. The team has not traded in the first round since trading out of the first round in 2007. However, the Eagles seem to have enough interest in Evans to make a move for him in the draft. Philadelphia has said they would be willing to deal their pick to either move up or down in the draft, and Evans would be a player that is worth trading up for.

If the Eagles were to trade up in the draft, would drafting Evans make sense? After losing Jackson, more of a speed-threat, Evans is more of a possession receiver, and is not known for stretching the field. It would seem like Evans wouldn’t fit in the offense or scheme of the Eagles. Then again, a player as talented as Evans doesn’t come around often, and he might be worth the pick.

The Evans and Philadelphia situation is definitely an interesting one. If the Eagles decide to move up for the receiver, it could determine what the Eagles do for the rest of the draft.

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