Washington Redskins Rumors: DeSean Jackson Signing Would Make Team Super Bowl Contender

By Mark Wilson
DeSean Jackson, Washington Redskins
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In the eyes of many, DeSean Jackson was was done wrong by the Philadelphia Eagles. Since his release from the team, the Pro Bowl wide receiver has been looking for a team that could use his unique services of speed and catching ability.

His signing with the Washington Redskins will make the Redskins a dangerous offensive team next season while turning the Redskins and Eagles into bitter rivals. If Robert Griffin III is fully healthy and ready to go next season, he will have two 1,300-yard receivers at his disposal and might launch his career into elite status.

No one really knows the what led to Jackson’s release from the only team he has played for, but the Redskins have be to doing cartwheels right about now. First-year head coach Jay Gruden now has no excuses to make for his offense. He has now inherited quite possibly a top-five offense with running back Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon and Griffin. Opposing defensive coordinators will have nightmares trying to scheme an attack for this offense.

This is by no means Andy Reid dumping a washed up and aging Donovan McNabb on the Redskins and not caring if they play them two times a year or not. Jackson is still young and will be able to single-handedly beat a team by himself. This decision to sign with a division rival was personal no matter how they try to spin it to the media and fans.

The Eagles put themselves in the line of fire by letting him go, and they better hope they haven’t lost any fans over personal feelings. I’m pretty sure when Jackson makes his return to Lincoln Financial Field there will be plenty of green and burgundy Jackson jerseys worn by both Eagles and Redskins fans. The Redskins have positioned themselves as a contender in the NFL and placed the Eagles right in their cross-hairs.

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