After Strong Pro Day, Jadeveon Clowney Still Won't Go No. 1 In 2014 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

It’s never been a question of talent with Jadeveon Clowney. The defensive end has been described as a freak athlete by many who have witnessed him play, with some even calling him a ‘once in a generation’ type of player. But the questions and concerns surrounding the DE that keep coming up are in regards to his drive to be a professional football player. Does his will match his freakish athleticism?

To many that watched him play at South Carolina last year, the answer is no. No, he doesn’t have the drive or want to be a top-tier NFL defender, year after year.

However, after a strong Pro Day, opinions of the DE are beginning to change.

Now, football personalities across the internet are saying that they’d take him No. 1, and that he’s someone you just can’t pass up.

I believe he’s a guy you just can’t pass up, but to an extent. I don’t think the Houston Texans would be crazy to pass on him. Sure, the combo of Clowney and J.J. Watt would be deadly, but he’s not a player the franchise has to have.

Overall, it’s just hard to buy Clowney at No. 1. I think it’s more likely that Houston trades down and takes him at a later spot. If a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to swap picks so they could draft a QB at No. 1, then moving down two spots to get Clowney would become a much better deal.

Would it be shocking to see Jadeveon Clowney go No. 1 overall. Absolutely not. But if I had to pick right now, even with his stock rising, I’d still say he goes somewhere from 3-5.


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