DeSean Jackson To NFC East Rival Washington Redskins Spells Trouble For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
DeSean Jackson Washington Redskins
Getty Images

Late last night news broke that the Washington Redskins had landed electric play maker DeSean Jackson. Jackson paired with a healthy Robert Griffin III, a master of the long ball, is a scary thought for Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Put simply this is bad news for the Eagles. The organization from the top on down handled this situation poorly. Not getting any compensation for unequivocally their best play maker in the passing game was bad enough, but cutting bait with him on the same day a condemning article came out about Jackson’s affiliations and ties to gang related activity was even worse.

There’s no doubt the Eagles used the article as a device to soften the blow of the major fallout from cutting bait with a young, in his prime wide receiver who was a threat to score at any time.

Adding major insult to injury is the fact that the Eagles will now see Jackson twice a year. Jackson can alter the NFC East race with his game breaking ability. You have to wonder if head coach Chip Kelly is shaking his head at that one.

The Eagles have not been afraid to rid themselves of some of the biggest fan favorites to don an Eagle uniform. From franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb to stalwart in the middle Jeremiah Trotter and even the legend himself Brian Dawkins, the Eagles think with their head instead of their heart when making decisions.

To their credit, none of these moves came back to haunt them. You have to wonder if the Eagles thought with their head on this one, though. Jackson is 28 and now paired with a heck of a young quarterback for at least the next three years.

This is the move that could finally come back to bite them.

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