DeSean Jackson Wants Robert Griffin III's Jersey Number

By Andrew Fisher
DeSean Jackson Washington Redskins
Getty Images

It hasn’t even been 24 hours and there’s already controversy surrounding DeSean Jackson and the Washington Redskins. No, it’s not in regards to his alleged gang ties. It’s in regards to his jersey number.

Okay, there’s not really any controversy at all, but Jackson and Robert Griffin III are talking about who will wear what number in 2014 and beyond. The WR of course wore No. 10 during his days in Philly, and RG3 has worn No. 10 since his days at Baylor.

Here’s what Jackson told reporters when the topic of jersey numbers came up:

“I definitely am familiar on the No. 10 (worn by) Robert Griffin. We’ve talked about it a little bit. But that isn’t a decision that’s been made yet so far. Maybe by the time the season starts we’ll know. Maybe RG3 will wear No. 3  and I’ll try to get in 10. We’ll see how it goes, though. You never know.”

To be clear, Jackson was laughing while making these comments, so this isn’t a serious issue. But No. 10 obviously means a lot to him if he’s talking with RG3 about it.

If you were Griffin, would you give up your jersey number to the new guy in town?

I probably would, just because we’re talking about a number on a jersey. In the scheme of things, it’s not something that matters. Clearly, athletes are very particular about their numbers (sometimes for good reason), but it’s really an irrelevant thing when you get right down to it. RG3 jerseys will fly off the shelves whether he’s 10 or two.

If he can make Jackson happy by giving him No. 10, why not?

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