Drake's Love For Johnny Manziel Continues To Grow With New Song

By RantSports Staff
Johnny Manziel NFL Draft Houston Texans
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Most sports fans are aware that Johnny Manziel and Drake are buddies. On the surface, it seems kind of weird that a 27-year old Canadian rapper would be friends a 21-year old quarterback from Texas — they’re just kind of an odd pair. But after being pals for awhile, it seems their friendship has been taken to a new level.

Enter Drake’s new song. It’s entitled ‘Draft Day’ and we all know who it’s about. Take a listen:

The song uses a sample of ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ from Lauryn Hill and as you probably noticed, Drake gives a shout out to basketball star Andrew Wiggins as well. (Wiggins is a fellow Canadian.)

So now that Drake has basically dedicated an entire song to Johnny Football, their bromance can live on forever. How nice…

As for what will actually happen with Manziel on draft day, it’s anyone’s guess. He’s basically a lock to go in the top 10, but some have him going as high as No. 1. The Houston Texans of course hold the first pick in year’s draft, and Mr. Football has made no bones about wanting to play in his home state.

Manziel has even gone as far to say that the Texans would be making a huge mistake by not selecting him with the top pick. That point, will be heavily debated over the next few weeks as draft day approaches.

But no matter where the QB ends up in 2014, he’s assured to make a ton of money, while still getting support from his favorite rap pal.

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