Houston Texans Should Draft Jadeveon Clowney at No. 1, Wait on QB

By RantSports Staff

The ultimate dilemma faced by the Houston Texans at this point is what to do with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Half the football world thinks they should take a quarterback no matter what while the other half says they should draft Jadeveon Clowney, who is the unquestioned top talent in this year’s class. Houston could use both a pass-rusher of Clowney’s caliber and a new signal-caller and there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t get both in this year’s draft.

In this discussion about the Texans’ predicament, everyone makes it seem like Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel are the only two quarterbacks on the board this year and Houston will miss out on a passer altogether if it doesn’t take one of them first overall. That’s simply not the case and the Texans could easily get a quarterback who is more NFL-ready right now by waiting until later in the draft.

For whatever reason, solid signal-callers like AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray and Stephen Morris aren’t even being talked about as first-round talents and Blake Bortles could just as easily go in the second round as he could the top three. Add in Zach Mettenberger’s torn ACL, and the Texans could have plenty of options for an opening-day starter on the second day of the draft.

Without diving too deep into the stock of the aforementioned players, let’s just lay it out from Houston’s perspective: The team could take Clowney, who has the potential to be way better than Mario Williams, who turned out better than most folks thought as the Texans’ last No. 1 overall pick, and not worry about the risk of that first pick other than his potential effort issues. Then Houston could pick up a solid passer like McCarron, Murray, Morris or Mettenberger later on and even grab two of them like the Washington Redskins did in 2012 with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. Ask the Redskins today and they’ll tell you that was the best insurance policy they ever purchased.

Here’s the bottom line: Neither Bridgewater nor Manziel are sure things and the Texans can’t afford to waste the No. 1 overall pick because this team is a solid signal-caller away from contending for a Super Bowl. Taking Clowney would shore up Houston’s defensive line and then one of the other underrated passers could solve its offensive woes. Assuming the team has to take a quarterback first overall is foolish and Texans fans should hope their franchise is smart enough to realize that.


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