Hulk Hogan Says Johnny Manziel Will Be the GOAT

By RantSports Staff
Hulk Hogan
Getty Images

Hulk Hogan has been everywhere lately, doing numerous media appearances to promote WrestleMania 30. The biggest event in sports entertainment takes place this Sunday at the Superdome in New Orleans, and the Hulkster is set to be the host for the festivities.

One of the visits Hogan made over the last few days was to the world-wide leader, ESPN. During a stop at the Sports Nation studio, the pro wrestling legend decided to cut a promo on one of his favorite football players, Johnny Manziel.

But Hogan didn’t just sing Manziel’s praises, he would go on to say that he’ll be the GOAT:

A Johnny Football promo delivered in true Hogan fashion — with the volume turned way up.

The Hulkster seems to have a lot more confidence in Manziel than many NFL analysts do. Most agree that the QB will have some success in the NFL, but very few are calling him the next big thing.

I think it’s crazy, but not as crazy, to just say that he’ll be the next big thing. With his massive popularity and gameday abilities, Manziel does have a chance to become a huge star. But as usual, this pro wrestling style promo was just way over the top. Hogan couldn’t just say Johnny Football is going to be great, he had to go all the way and call him the future GOAT.

As for the Hulkster, he’s no doubt the most important person in pro wrestling history. The business wouldn’t be where it’s at today without him. But when in comes to actually in-ring ability, Hogan isn’t even the GOAT conversation.


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