Richard Sherman Has Good Point About Eagles’ Handling of DeSean Jackson

By RantSports Staff
richard sherman desean jackson
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The mystery surrounding DeSean Jackson’s release by the Philadelphia Eagles has been a hot topic of debate since it happened and now is being re-visited since he signed with the Washington Redskins. The former team reportedly let Jackson go because he had alleged ties to L.A.-area gangs, although Philly’s brass denies this. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman weighed in on the matter and hit the nail on the head when comparing the Eagles’ handling of Jackson and Riley Cooper last year.

Sherman called out the Eagles for basically giving Cooper a slap on the wrist for using the N-word on camera in a derogatory manner and then cutting ties with Jackson because of some rumors which the receiver insists aren’t true. We have to give it to the man with the Stanford education: Philly screwed this up big time.

Sherman’s comments on the matter began with a single statement that sums everything up while also giving a shoutout to his current team: “The Seahawks get it. The Eagles apparently do not.” Now Sherman took the matter to a new level by claiming the NFL is more lenient on white players than black players when it comes to “committing certain crimes” but we’re sticking with the fact the Eagles cut a guy who was rumored by an unrepeatable website to maybe know some bad folks and then did nothing to the guy  who was caught on camera.

Regardless of their races, Philly did not do the right thing with either player, and it doesn’t matter what the Eagles’ players said at the time to show support for Cooper. The organization is basically sending a message to its players saying it’s okay if they screw up, but they better not be rumored to have screwed up by some website nobody has ever heard of. We’re with Sherman on this one: This doesn’t add up.

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