Owen Daniels Signing Gives Baltimore Ravens Dynamic Tight End Duo

By RantSports Staff
Owen Daniels Ravens
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The Baltimore Ravens have been busy upgrading their offense this offseason and they haven’t slowed down. On Thursday, the team agreed to terms with former Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels, who the team wanted to pair with Dennis Pitta after the latter was re-signed in March. Now Baltimore has the dynamic tight end duo that it wanted for Joe Flacco heading into the 2014 NFL season and the Ravens’ offense is now a threat again.

With the addition of Steve Smith to go along with the re-signings of offensive tackle Eugene Monroe and receiver Jacoby Jones, Flacco now has a weaponry similar to that of the 2012 campaign when he led the Ravens to their second Super Bowl win. The combination of Anquan Boldin over the top with Pitta underneath made Flacco more lethal from the pocket and that was clearly not the case in 2013 after Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers.

Now with Smith and Jones as the deep threats, Pitta and Daniels will be hard to cover for opposing defenses who have to respect the vertical attack. One or both of the Pro Bowl-caliber tight ends should be open pretty much all on every passing play, which means the Ravens are also planning to lean more on the passing game again in 2014.

Of course, that could be mandatory if Ray Rice does indeed face time in prison for his indictment on aggravated assault, but the fact he has since married the woman who he was caught carrying on camera while she was unconscious could save him. Regardless, the Ravens aren’t taking any chances and are making sure they won’t miss the playoffs again this year. The Daniels signing may not change the landscape of the AFC up front, but it will be a difference-maker for Baltimore in January.


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