DeSean Jackson Can’t Let Pain Caused By Philadelphia Eagles Get In His Way

By Michael Terrill
DeSean Jackson Eagles
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The pain of getting released by a professional sports team can’t feel good, especially after putting forth a career year. DeSean Jackson admitted that he was hurt after the Philadelphia Eagles decided to release him. The important thing is that the wide receiver doesn’t allow the pain to get in his way of propelling the Washington Redskins to the top of the division.

It’s one thing for a player to be cut and know why. At least then, that person can understand what he did wrong to get the boot. However, Jackson still isn’t exactly sure what caused the Eagles to act drastically. Sure, we are all aware of the alleged gang affiliations that the article written by claims. It’s also known that an inside source supposedly told ESPN that the reason for the release was because the Eagles were tired of Jackson’s “work ethic and attitude”. The truth is both of the identified reasons are very vague, which is exactly why the NFL Players Association is getting involved.

At this point, Jackson can’t concern himself with that. What’s done is done, and now it’s time to move on. He’s with a team who truly believes he’s the missing piece to solving the puzzle of how to get back in the playoffs. In fact, the Redskins banked three years on Jackson being the man who can get the job done. Quarterback Robert Griffin III is thrilled, the fans are excited and Washington believes they might just have what it takes to put last year’s disappointing season behind them.

The hurt caused by the Eagles will stick with Jackson for quite some time. In fact, there’s a good chance it will never leave him, which wouldn’t necessarily be bad for the 27-year-old. Every great player uses a specific moment in his life to raise his level of play when it matters most. Jackson can use the pain from the aftermath to fuel his 2014 season and prove to Philadelphia that they made a huge mistake letting him go.

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