New York Jets: To Compete In AFC East, Must Have Strong NFL Draft

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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For the past few years, when you look at the AFC East, it’s safe to say there is really only one team that consistently has reigned supreme as the premiere team for years. The New England Patriots, the cream of the crop of the division, always takes care of business on and off the field. The high quality level that the Patriots hold themselves to is a shining example that you must have a strong team mixed with veterans and raw young drafted talent to contribute immediately. What should the New York Jets do in order to take over in the AFC East? It’s easy.

Have an incredible draft.

The key to a successful draft is making smart decisions with every draft pick that not only brings in immediate contributors, but also players who will be superstars within a few years. Head coach Bill Belichick is an absolute mastermind in everything he puts his name on. It’s pretty much a lock that his three Super Bowl championships with the Patriots came through hard work, making sure players believed in themselves, and of course, every single draft pick he made coming through when they needed it most.

So far in free agency, the Jets have definitely upgraded their offense, which had major flaws going into the offseason. With successful upgrades at wide receiver, quarterback and their offensive line, the Jets have for the most part addressed most of their offensive issues. Once the 2014 NFL Draft is upon us all, the Jets must add a few more offensive weapons and of course, solidify their secondary on defense. The Jets should add another wide receiver, a tight end and some shut-down cornerbacks.

If the Jets have a great draft and find that perfect balance of immediate starters while also bringing depth into the mix, they can turn into immediate contenders in the AFC East this season and go head-to-head with the Patriots. It’s not easy beating them since last season they had a 12-4 record while the Jets rallied towards the end of the season to finish 8-8. It’s a good thing is the Patriots aren’t impenetrable; the Jets beat them once last year in overtime so it proved that beating them is indeed a possibility.

The Jets need their veterans to step up and create a culture of winning and accountability if they plan to dethrone the Patriots. Have them mold every single drafted rookie into what the team needs, and they will soar right to the top. Head coach Rex Ryan needs to start reading quotes that Belichick lives by, because if he wants to ensure some more years with the Jets, he needs to start acting like him.

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