Arian Foster Destroys Troll on Twitter in Hilarious Fashion

By Connor Muldowney
Arian Foster
Getty Images

It was an interesting weekend on Twitter for Arian Foster as the Houston Texans‘ running back was impersonated by a look-a-like and then he destroyed one of his many trolls in hilarious fashion.

Sometimes people don’t realize that when they tweet about a player with their Twitter handle being used, the athlete can actually see it and often times, they have an impulse to respond. Most of the times, athletes ignore their trolls on Twitter, but Arian Foster is the kind of outspoken athlete that doesn’t care how he comes off to other people, he’s going to tell it like it is.

On Sunday night, the Texans’ RB took to Twitter to talk about regrets he had in the past. He talked about how he used to think he was the cool kid in school for skipping class and doing dumb things. He had this to say to his followers

One fan was sick of his inspiring words and called the running back out and Foster had the perfect response for him:

If you thought that response was pretty good, wait until you read his next tweet, furthering his troll’s embarrassment:

This is how running backs should talk about Twitter, according to his troll. All caveman-like.

What an absolute destruction of a troll by the talented running back. Many athletes would have ignored the guy’s tweet, but Foster thought it would be funny to put him on blast and tell him exactly how he thought.

Goodbye, troll.

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