Boos at ACM Awards, Final Four Speak Volumes About Cowboys’ Jerry Jones

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry Jones George Strait Acadamy wards
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All weekend, everyone talked about how no can throw a party like Jerry Jones, referring to the flamboyancy surrounding the 2014 Final Four at AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium). That’s true: No on is arguing that Jerry’s World has been an incredible experience for the final weekend of the 2014 NCAA Tournament and we’ve still got the grand finale to go. However, that superb party-throwing ability didn’t save Jerry from a public reprimanding for his handling of the Dallas Cowboys…or lack thereof.

While the remaining four teams in the NCAA Tournament battled for the two spots in the title game on Saturday night, Jerry was in his palace and was shown on the jumbotron that has been donned the Jumbo Jerry.

Immediately boos filled the stadium.

Sure, there were quite a few Dallas-area folks in attendance for this can’t-miss event at the can’t-miss venue in Texas, but the Cowboys fans from Kentucky, Wisconsin, Florida and Connecticut didn’t allow their pleasure from the once-in-a-lifetime weekend to overrule their displeasure with Jerry and his shenanigans over the past 18 years.

Then the really telling thing happened: Jerry flew to Las Vegas on Sunday to attend the 49th annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards because the 50th edition of the show will be at AT&T Stadium in 2015. When Jones was introduced to the crowd by hosts Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, he was booed again.

Oh, and the fun didn’t stop there for the knee-slapping duo; Shelton alluded to the 2015 show at Jerry’s World by saying, “You don’t see many awards shows in Cowboys Stadium.”

Then came the punchline from Bryan: “You don’t see any playoff games there, either!”

That had to have made Jerry’s skin crawl. The man has “guided” the franchise once known as America’s Team to become the laughing stock of the NFL almost 20 years after the Cowboys’ last Super Bowl win, which was the result of a team built by Jimmy Johnson, even though the coach had been run out of town by Jones two seasons earlier.

Now before we get into the last part of this, let’s preface it with the fact Jerry has made it clear a million times that he will never even consider stepping down as the head honcho at Valley Ranch. Having said that, surely the boos from the two entirely different crowds that have nothing to do with football had some effect on Jerry.

Then again, a man who has been booed countless times at Cowboys games may be immune to it by now. Even if he’s not, Jerry still isn’t worried about it. This treasured franchise is his $2.1 billion toy and there’s no way he’s going to share it with a real general manager, much less give it up to someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Even though Jerry is too blinded by his own stupidity to see it, the boos he received at the Final Four and the ACM Awards make it clear that even folks who don’t care about the Cowboys — and probably even a few who dislike the team — are sick of him. It’s one thing when fans of your own club are fed up with you, but it’s another when everyone else is too.

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